Linh Dam New urban area: a failure to follow planning

Posted at: 24/08/2016
(Construction) Groundbreaking in 1997 in the area of over 200ha, including 02 residential areas: the residential area in north Linh Dam and the general service area and houses in Linh Dam peninsula, Linh Dam urban area is one of the first new urban areas in Hanoi in the urbanization period which motivated the birth of "real estate economy" with the appearance of a series of new urban areas later and developed until today.


Looking back nearly 20 years, this planning development model has left the society with precious lessons in the process of managing construction investment and urban development.

Apartment building “crushed” architecture.

Regarding the success of Linh Dam peninsula, it must first mention planning and architecture solutions with an area of about 160 ha, of which nearly 50% is lake area, Linh Dam peninsula has outstanding advantages in landscape and well-planned. After being recognized as a model urban area in 2009, it should be a motivation for Linh Dam to continue to rise, affirming "brand", this urban area seems to be exhausted by changes in land use purposes and lack of essential life services investment, while facing overly dense population many times compared to planning.

The land area at the center of the peninsula which is expected to build office buildings is converted into residential land, in which occupancy ratios of VP3 and VP5 buildings more than 90% and height of 33 floors (8 floors above the plan) broke the space structure of this area. The sudden breakdown of the plan has created a messy, disconcerting image of the vision, completely destroying the landscape of the area.

The land area of 5 ha of the general service center connecting North Linh Dam, Linh Dam peninsula, Southwest of Linh Dam area and the future of Nam Linh Dam area has been given way to low-cost housing area with HH symbol including 12 apartment buildings, 36 - 42 storey high with high density of construction and residence. Particularly, after the completion of this residential area, it will add about 30,000 people to Linh Dam peninsula, more than double the expected population in the first plan. And ironically, these 12 apartment buildings with outstanding height, huge scale and prime location, are invisible and become the architectural highlight of the whole area. So even though it is still being perfected, it is said that when referring to Linh Dam new urban area, people think of the "symbol" as "Cauldron" or "ant-nest apartment" that have overshadowed the poetic lake and the peninsula.

Typical urban area becoming bedroom apartments

Besides, the appearance of some low-cost apartment buildings in the land interspersed between the Ring Road 3 and the old village also just broke the urban landscape and contributed to the overly dense population of Linh Dam area..


So the planning structure of the general service area and building apartments beside Linh Dam lake has been completely broken. After low-cost apartment buildings have put into use, the population will reach over 70,000 people, nearly equal to the population size of urban areas of type III, while the average of green trees area drops to below 4m2 / person, much lower than the standard urban area issued by the Ministry of Construction. Meanwhile, the incomplete transport and technical infrastructure system has become overloaded, which cause daily traffic congestion from Linh Dam urban area to Giai Phong road.


The worse thing is this new urban area will no longer have the opportunity to have an integrated service center as the original plan and thus it has been transformed into a typical urban - bedroom type but with the same population size of a small city. From the viewpoint of  settlements, Linh Dam area is becoming a dependent resident model, due to its increasing dependence on the outside area, being lack of internal resources due to the loss of opportunities to create common space, service activities and  internal jobs. With the scale and planning advantages and characteristics of their natural resources, Linh Dam completely deserves to become the southern economic attraction to reduce the pressure for Hanoi city. However, in contrast, this urban area bring more heavy burden for the infrastructure system, especially the transport infrastructure which is inadequate in the city, because  the population is too crowded, and the residents of Urban area often have to commute from home to the work place. The increase in this type of settlement model will certainly cause significant economic and environmental consequences, which may take a lot of time, effort and money to solve.

In addition, the concentration of too many low-income people in one location (HH area) also contains social instabilities. The current status of building Linh Dam peninsula urban area makes us feel sorry for an unsuccessful planning, unfortunately for a newly invested urban area, towards model urban urban planning and design, the most beautiful landscape in Hanoi so far has been broken. There is no land left for public items and public services to attract investment and will not be able to be realized. A standard urban area model which was planned 20 years ago is now only a "sweet dream".


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