General information
Dong Do Development Construction Investment Joint Stock Company, formerly Dong Do Construction Joint Stock Company, was founded in May, 2005 in Hanoi. Experiencing through the development periods of machine consolidation and organization stability, the Company has officially named as Dong Do Development Construction Investment Joint Stock Company.
During the process of construction, development and growth, with the sensitivity in catching chance, the continuous attempt and effort of the Board of Directors, and overall staff and officials, along with the support of friends partners at home and abroad, the company has been gradually creating the prestige on the market, affirming the status as one of the qualified and   prestigious companies in the construction field. The operation market of the company is relatively large and contributed on the nationwide with diversified business and the approach of new business fields.
After many years operating in the market mechanism, Dong Do Construction JSC has accumulated much experience on the management and guidance of manufacture and business, the increase of capital resource and production capacity, the establishment of an extensive system of partners, etc, therefore, the annual turnover has been continuously growing highly and stably.
With the principle of “Mind: dedication and efforts. Credibility: safety, quality, progress, effect, closed and firm cooperation”, Dong Do Development Construction Investment Joint Stock Company wishes to cooperate with foreign and domestic partners at (fields) all aspects of the economy for the sake of “Comprehensive cooperation, firm and stable bilateral development”.